Tern has presented an interesting rear red light that emit a large bright safety beam which considerably increases the passive visibility of the cyclist. Let's see how it is made and its usefulness.

The backlight Tern Vizy is made with a body in unbreakable material with a rechargeable Lithium battery; charging takes place with USB cable. The red light has an output of 60 lumens. In addition to emit a light beam at the back of the bicycle, also emits a round beam of light to the ground on the surface occupied by the bicycle itself.

Like other lights for bicycle, you can adjust the light beam on different intensity and blink rate or fixed light.



The fastening system to the seat post is extremely simple, reliable and universal.

The emitted light beam is beautiful and allows the rider to be seen at night in a long distance. Indeed the beam projected on the ground in a remarkable way increase the visibility of the cyclist, allowing those coming from behind to see it before and better understand the position and size.

Then nothing remains that the motorist usually distracted invest us anyway ....

But it is quite a leap forward for the safety and passive visibility, certainly will not remain isolated because I expect in a few years similar products from competitors.



This also means that the product is really valid and introduces something new, it is not the usual rear red light.

Not cost much, 40 euros, and it is easy to obtain it on the site

Money well spent for security, especially during the most shorter days of he year.

Obviously for those who use the bicycle in the city for normal commuting it is an almost indispensable accessory. Among other things, disassemble and assemble it is easily and quickly, so it is easy to remove it when you leave the bicycle parked for shopping or going to the office.



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