The new chain lubricant WD-40 is specific for dry conditions, in which best lubricates the chain while avoiding the dust will stick to the same.



After cleaning the chain with degreaser spray WD-40 can grease the same chain with the liquid lubricant WD-40; removing any excess with a cotton cloth and after waiting for the oil to be well dried, you can use the bike. The lubricating effect of this product WD-40 is great, as well as its ability to leave clean the chain, which effectively becomes less dirty for dust than when using non-specific lubricants. Very useful in the summer but also in winter when it is not wet or raining, with the road full of dust. Used both in mtb and road bike, has always given excellent results in terms of cleaning and lubrication of the chain (and bike ...). A good product, therefore, suitable for everyone.