The famous and well-known manufacturer WD-40 expands its range of lubricants and degreasers also to the field of bike with two products for the care and maintenance of the chain and transmission in general.



The first is Degreaser Bike, the second is the Chain Lubricant. The products do not need introduction, since for decades are part of the working tools of the best mechanics. The new Bike Degreaser Spray is a product that is easily applied to the chain, the sprocket, the crank and all those components of the bike that should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Thanks to the spray, the product acts in depth by removing dirt and grease with great rapidity; in the presence of tough spots you can help with a brush. The WD-40 degreaser evaporates quickly and leaves the surface clean and dry, ready to be re-lubricated. It's extremely effective in cleaning the bike, easy and quick to use, both in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Easy to use even by those who are unfamiliar with the work, it's an excellent product for those who like to take care of the bike.