Briefly we could test the new crankset Bixe, mounted on a normal aluminum frame, assembled with Shimano components. The forward pedalling is quite normal to other cranks and you do not feel noticeable drop in smoothness compared to a normal crank.

Even the operation of front and rear derailleur is completely analogous to a conventional crank. The transition to ride back is natural and you do not feel inconveniences whatsoever, the functionality of front and rear derailleurs remains perfect. Pedalling back you have to pay more attention to the athletic motion, as it is important to have a round and constant ride, this implies a higher concentration, but also a better workout for a bike ride constant during the entire 360 degrees. Are involved in the action of pulling the antagonist muscles that usually are less used by cyclists, in the ascent phase of the pedal. A specific training with the crank should therefore improve the overall performance allowing you to have a round ride and more traction phase (lift pedal traditional pedalling) more effective. The studies carried out so far have shown these feelings, while continuing research to develop effective training programs that can maximize the efficiency of a specific workout pedalling backwards.