In Passignano sul Trasimeno in the province of Perugia, Italy, was introduced a new and innovative crank call Bixe.

The result of a study begun in the late nineties and later developed by a dynamic engineering company situated on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, just near where are made the victorious racing cars of Formala 3 Coloni, known to fans. Not only that, the project Bixe was born thanks to the synergy of a complex of Umbrian companies, which together, bringing their specific skills, have succeeded in achieving this ambitious project that otherwise would not have seen the light.

The original intuition was to make a crank that pushed the bike forward, not only when you are pedalling forward, but also when you pedal backwards. The singular (not so in reality) requirement was triggered by the need for training and rehabilitation, as well as a bit of imagination.

The first prototype included a complex lap of outer chains, effective in purpose, but very difficult to apply to a normal bike sale. The subsequent years have all served to develop the original idea and make it feasible, industrializable and applicable to the world of bikes as well as you know it.

It has come then the two current versions, the Bixe 47 and Bixe Gear.

In Bixe 47, the system works all within the frame of the bike, which, however, must have a dedicated bottom bracket, while the Bixe Gear works with an external system and a traditional bottom bracket, with the appropriate adapters that can be mounted on any type of bottom bracket. Ready the following type: Road and Mountain bikes.

From the design point of view Bixe is all made of light alloy, CNC machined. The chain line is 43.5 millimeters in the Road version and 50 mm in the Mtb version. The weight for both versions is 952 grams. The assembly is absolutely simple and fully compatible with normal bike on the market.

Reliability tests have passed the 60,000 km of use. The maintenance is extremely easy and entirely conventional. Also absolutely simple the setup, totally equal to a traditional crankset, compatible with all groupset on the market.


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