Fox presents for 2013 a new control system and a new range of suspension forks specifically for 650B (27.5er). New system for adjusting the fork or rear suspension FOX CTD, this system is adjustable to three positions. In position 1 (Climb) the shock or fork is blocked, in position 2 (Trail) shock or fork only work on short trips, while in position 3 (Descend) both are free to work. The three positions can also be controlled via a special remote control on the handlebar. In addition to this was presented a new range of forks for 650B, and have been revised to 26 and 29er forks, with the "usual" weight reduction and review of the various components. Here are the weights of the new Fox forks:

34 Float 26 160 FIT CTD: 1,950g (4.30lb)

34 TALAS 26 160 FIT CTD: 2,040g (4.49lb)

34 Float 650B 160 FIT CTD: 1,990g (4.38lb)

34 TALAS 650B 160 FIT CTD: 2,070g (4.57lb)

34 Float 29 140 FIT CTD: 2,040g (4.49lb)

34 TALAS 29 140 FIT CTD: 2,120g (4.68lb)

32 Float 26 100 FIT CTD: 1,350g (2.98lb)

32 Float 26 150 FIT CTD: 1,746g (3.85lb)

32 TALAS 26 140 FIT CTD: 1,660g (3.66lb)

32 Float 29 100 FIT CTD: 1,470g (3.24lb)

32 TALAS 29 120 FIT CTD: 1,840g (4.05lb)