Saddle San Marco has completely revolutionized its Aspide, and if the top ranks of the expensive and lightweight Aspide Superleggera, there are other Aspide saddles, just heavier, but equally innovative.



The Aspide 2 Open is the most "simple", but still a saddle weighing just 177 grams, so far below many competitors. This is proof of the validity of a well done product. The version Aspide 2 Open has a hull reinforced carbon fiber, while the padding is Biofoam, a material that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedaling. The profile of the hull follows a double line, with a large central opening of decompression, the new design, which allows to have a good base of support. In this version the slide is Xsilite, an alloy very light and resistant material, as well as with excellent ability to absorb vibrations. The surface coating is Microfeel, lightweight, durable and stable over time. Even the padding and the surface coating has been subject of careful study in order to have a constant thickness. The saddle has a size of 278x131 mm.


Road test


The new Aspide 2 Opoen is very light, even though it is made with materials absolutely reliable. The installation is easy and safe. The saddle allows a good support base, with a width of the medium level, which allows a good distribution of weight; a width more than valid for basins of medium width. The particular profile of the seating surface allows a valid stability of the seat in any condition, both uphill and downhill. The good length of the saddle ensures a good support even when you ride at the tip of the saddle. The central opening ensures a good decompression of the perineum, so that even during long runs you do not feel the slightest discomfort. Despite the padding of the saddle is not particularly generous, comfort assured is more than valid. A saddle that nevertheless stands out for its excellent balance between the need for long-distance comfort and need to have a successful and profitable ride. There are more comfortable saddles, but more bulky; even lighter saddles, but less comfortable, and this is its strong point, the balance between the various requirements which makes it a great saddle for those looking for a product with excellent performance, but without giving up what little comfort that allows you to stay in the saddle for many hours without feeling pain. The price of 140 Euro is entirely commensurate with the build quality of the product.