The saddle San Marco Concor has long been in the catalog San Marco and over again was renewed in the materials, but this season has been completely revised starting from the hull which was revised in materials and shapes.



The new carbon fiber hull has been revised to achieve greater seating comfort, while maintaining a profile not perfectly flat, but now it is visibly more regular in shape, with greater support for the buttock. The slide is made of carbon fiber and constructed to be very long so as to facilitate the maximum forward or backward movement of the saddle. The padding is made of a new material called Pebax, light and with good qualities of comfort. The external padding is provided with silicone inserts that improve the strength and protection in case of collisions. The weight of the saddle is approximately 135 grams, while the dimensions are 278x134 mm.



Off Road Test


The San Marco Concor saddle is very light and with a good overall finish. Next to the old model, are appreciated in full all the new features, starting from the floor of the gluteus, ending with weight. The particular embodiment of the slide, high and long, allows a considerable amplitude of feed adjustment or withdrawal of the saddle. Attention should be paid, however, to the type of seatpost adopted; in the front of the slide, there is very little space between the slide and the hull (rightly tapered and narrow), so that not all seatpost are compatible with the saddle. There is not a specific brand, but should be avoided seatpost with slide large and high, the latter are unable to physically get into the limited space available between the slide and the lower edge of the saddle, especially in the front. Found the right seatpost, assembly is easy and without problems. The new support allows the decided increase in comfort over long distances due to the greater area available to distribute the weight of the body. The rear raised can not slip back uphill and offers good support for pushing on the pedals, the increase being less pronounced than in the past, no longer have the feeling of sliding forward. The superficial part with silicone inserts has proven to be resistant to abrasion. By using it in Mtb, you do not feel the need for a decompression of the perineum, due to constant movements and movements of the body. The front, very narrow, facilitates pedaling efficiency with a contact almost nonexistent with the inner thigh. Overall it is a good evolution from the previous model, with a more "traditional" profile, which increases the range of use. Among its advantages light weight, pedaling efficiency and quality of construction; the flaw that is not compatible with all seatpost and so it is better not to buy it online because it is first be checked for compatibility with your seatpost. The price of about 189 Euro is in line with its build quality.