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A saddle with optimum comfort and weight

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The saddle San Marco Mantra FX Carbon has hull CFRP, a material developed by San Marco, made from Nylon and carbon fiber in varying degrees according to different zones and stresses of the hull itself.

The central opening "Open", also in this case a study of San Marco, allows an efficient decompression of the perineum leaving, however, ample room for the support of the buttock. The slide is made of carbon fiber, with light alloy core so as to be more resistant in the area of attachment to the seatpost. The filling is in Biofoam, a special structure biodynamic that follows the movements of the pelvis during the pedal stroke, the surface coating is Microfeel, a lightweight, durable and stable over time. Characteristic of San Marco the front profile of the saddle, very narrow and named NosShuffle, which allows the least possible friction between the saddle and the inside of the thigh. The seat has a size of 294x140 mm and a claimed weight of 168 grams, as we detected with our instrumentation.