Selle San Marco for 2012 presents the new Concor saddle that we have already spoken, lighter and with a different profile, called Waved, with a raised rear and a wider front to allow an efficient riding position on the tip of the saddle ; this form also improves comfort over long distances.

Another new SPID and the saddle, a saddle better addressed to those seeking the ultimate in comfort, even on a Mountainbike. Is the generous padding, made Biofoam, ergonomically designed and sized right for maximum comfort even after many hours in the saddle.

Then the other news is PROTEK the series, a series of saddles that are characterized by the use of materials improves their wear resistance. Among the changes the addition of Silicon reinforcements on the sides, where there is a greater possibility that the seat is deteriorating for the support or chafing. The category PROTEK includes three types of saddles: Concor, Aspide and SPID.