The new MEILENSTEIN DISC: the consistent development of the legendary carbon wheelset with a wider rim by the German exclusive manufacturer Lightweight

The MEILENSTEIN wheelsets by Lightweight have been famous in the race bike scene for decades due to their maximum stiffness, minimal weight, highest quality and durability. Now the carbon specialist from Friedrichshafen presents the next generation of the unique, hand-made wheelsets: The rim width increased from 20 to 24 mm and now allows to use tyres with widths from 25 to 32 mm. Together with the 48 mm rim, the straighter contour reduces air turbulence and improves aerodynamic factors. The MEILENSTEIN wheelsets are already benchmarks in terms of stiffness. Now, the Lightweight engineers managed to increase the stiffness values by another ten percent on the new generation. And all of that comes with a weight of only 1.380g in the clincher version (tubular version: 1.245 g).

The new generation of MEILENSTEIN wheelsets is 10 percent stiffer than the previous one.

The tried and tested hub made of carbon was adapted visually, and enables a positive connection of the brake disc due to its pentagonal design, making for ideal force transmission with the 20 carbon spokes. The result: significantly higher stiffness values in the delay, increased braking force and improved precision. The wheelset also enhances security on the bike, in particular on long downhill stretches and extreme heat development on the disc. The MEILENSTEIN DISC is offered in a clincher and a tubular version, both of which are approved for a permissible system weight of 120 kg.

The production of the new wheelset remains the same: in usual Lightweight manner, every set is manufactured by hand in Friedrichshafen. The factory on Lake Constance has been producing highest technical standards for 20 years – not only high-end products for racing enthusiasts but also ultraprecise carbon lightweight components for satellites of the European Space Agency.

RRP: 4.590 EUR (Clincherversion)/3.900 EUR (Tubularversion)