Saddle Fi'zi:k Arione 2013 has a fiberglass hull with relief openings in areas where more flexibility is required in order to obtain greater comfort.

The surface is covered in Microfiber, while the fork is in Kium, lighter and resistant than titanium. The saddle has a weight of 185 g. The saddle Arione belongs to the collection "Snake" for all those who have a high lumbar flexibility, leverage the entire length of the saddle and not suffer of inflammation of the perineum.


The road test


Saddles Fi'zi:k Arione is cured and light weight, considering the absence of carbon fiber sledge. Assembly is easy. The saddle offers good support surface, flat and wide, so that it's easy to navigate forward and backward. The wide front allows you to pedal on tiptoe with great effectiveness, with a good support of the gluteus and legs that flow with ease. By pulling the position you get a gluteal support effectively for the best boost pedals, with the inner thigh that slides easily on either side of the saddle. Also you can climb to well exploit all the valid hull rigidity, relying upon an excellent support for the gluteus and allowing a valid full stop to push on the legs. Relief holes (but also lightening) in the central part of the hull enhance flexibility of the same in the area of the perineum, although it remains a saddle for those who has a high flexion of the lower back, a condition that leads to a reduced natural decompression of the perineum. Conversely, it is easy to feel on long time the classic and infamous soreness in the private parts. High-not the capacity to absorb the vibrations of the ground, well away from other products with hull or carbon fiber sledge. Overall then, a good saddle for performance, addressed to high-performance athletes. The price of about  Euro 170 is in line with competitors.


Positive aspects

Build quality

Light weight

Pedaling efficiency


Negative aspects



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