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One of the novelties by Continental for 2013 is the new Speed King 2.2 clincher. The new tire is designed for maximum speed and smoothness on hard and compact surfaces.

The particular arrangement of the tiles, just accentuated in the centre, more pronounced on the sides, is designed to have minimal rolling resistance, but also a high grip and cornering speed. Continental Speed King is made in Germany with nylon carcass with 180 TPI (threads per inch) with tread with mixes "Black Chili Compound" that is made with a mix of synthetic rubber and nano particles that improve the mechanical characteristics. Black Chili Compound increased of 26% the smoothness, of 30% rubber grip and 5% tread life. The realization of the tyre carcass Race Sport ensures protection against punctures 30% higher compared to other systems. It is available only in 26 x 2.2 version; weighs 430 grams.