Handmade in Germany” – with eleven of the eighteen UCI World Tour teams now riding on Continental, more athletes than ever before are trusting in “deutsche Technik” bike tyres from Korbach, Germany. For us this is both a compliment and at the same time incitement to continuously improve our tyres.


Head tucked in, arms straight: speed lovers may well have found their perfect tyre companion with our new Attack & Force III tyre set. Focussing on agility and grip, it will convince both ambitious triathletes and any cycling enthusiast with the ‘aero bug’. Meanwhile gravel bikes become more and more popular, as these true all-rounders are expected to go anywhere and everywhere. That’s why we have the popular Grand Prix 4-Season and the new Speed King CX [32mm] to enable you to ride your bike safely and efficiently in new territory.
The Ultra Sport II convinces with high mileage. Extensive options enable you to get the right tyre for the desired type of riding. Available in black and seven colour options.
Being the first choice for fixie riders and messengers since years, the Gatorskin is available in all the Continental markets now, together with the Gator Hardshell – for an uncompromising performance in urban territory.
Newly to the established models Mountain King CX, CycloXKing, Speed King CX and Race King CX these tyres are available in our Performance line as well now, providing tyres for the mid price segment. Manufactured with PureGrip Compound they offer high mileage and sovereign grip.


In the City/Trekking segment, we’ve completely restructured our portfolio. New model names, sorted according to quality levels and areas of application means, finding the right tyre will be easier in future. Reinforced carcasses and improved compounds promise a new level of high quality.

The CONTACT Plus is an all-rounder that offers everything that you would expect from a comfortable touring tyre. With a 3/180 TPI carcass and the SafetyPlus Breaker this tyres provides puncture protection on safety level seven and a completely updated profile design.
The CONTACT in the mid-price segment is a contact-tough all-rounder for those big trips. The lamella tread structure gives sure footed grip. Safety level: four.
The CONTACT Speed unites speed and comfort in a tyre. The perfect choice for city speedsters, single-speed bikes and fitness bikes.

Time for a RIDE trusted companion on regular rides: Available in a large range of colours and sizes the RIDE Tour is an ideal choice for the first steps into the segment for brand tyres.
At home on all-terrain the AT RIDE is an enthousiastic tyre over any terrain and shines on loose and open ground. The brother of the X-King and and CycloXKing.
Reliability first, even with a small budget: The RIDE Plus offers reliable puncture protection and is speedy, thanks to its elastic compound.

All indicated City/Trekking tyres can be used on e-bikes up to 25 km/h. The CONTACT Plus is permitted for e-bikes up to 50 km/h.

As an urban adventurer the new Double Fighter III is a Mountainbike tyre with real versatility. Light rolling and quiet on tarmac, yet grippy on tracks and gravel roads, it is ideal for transforming an off road bike to a nippy city racer.

deutsche technik

Both milestone and motivation at the same time. With three production plants, Continental offers choices of quality and price in each segment of the cycle market, tailored to the individual needs. Starting with the Premium tyres from Korbach in Germany, followed by the Performance line for the medium price segment and to the established Sport line. There is one common denominator between all three build levels: being developed and tested in the Continental research and development centre in Korbach.