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Dear Editor,

                               I would like to receive clarification on the use of anti-drilling liquid. Using mtb must have the wheels tubeless or I can use it even with the inner tube?  Can I also use the liquid on the road bike? Finally, it is preferable to use the liquid before, and thus lead to an increase in weight of the wheels, or expects to drill and then the liquid is used to restart?

Signed letter



Hello Luca, I kindly ask you your mere personal opinion on carbon wheels  40-50 mm high profile for tubular ... In your opinion what is the best price-performance ratio for wheel-quality?

I would like to buy a set of these wheels but the view is so vast that an expert advice help resolve many doubts ... I visited the websites as diverse as Miche, Campagnolo, Zipp, Lightweight, Mavic ... help me!

Thanks as always for your courtesy and professionalism

Dear Editor, I have a Scott Addict with Ultegra Mavic Ksyrium Elite. The mechanic suggested me to switch to more advanced and lighter wheels. My doubt is whether to stay with an aluminum wheel with clincher or switch to a carbon fiber tubular.



Egr. Dr. Salvatelli,

I always follow your discussions where there is always a logical response. For this reason I am writing to ask you two opinions. The first concerns the seat height but not how to compute but how to take it with the meter on the bike.

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