Dear Editor,

I thought about buying a pair of winter shoes, but apart from the lack of available models stopped me their price and especially the price difference with a simple covers, which I do not have. Now the question: it is worth spending around 200 Euro for a pair of shoes is intended only to the cold season? The thermal comfort of these shoes is actually higher than the more classical coupled shoe covers? What is your idea about, both for use on road or mtb?

Dear Reader, the question is very legitimate, because winter shoes, which have much success in northern Europe (as leading Companies in the sector told us) have very little market in Italy. But they are not at all bad, indeed. Indeed allow for an excellent thermal insulation, higher covers more summer shoes, but it is always said that there is always a huge difference. Unfortunately, this factor depends greatly on the type of summer shoe you have, more or less ventilation holes, with uppers more or less thick, and the kind of covers that you use, from the lightest to the more cumbersome. In this matter we can find the real difference: the convenience of winter shoes. You just wear them without having to worry about good place for the covers, that this does not ruin during short walk, which does not interfere with the cleats and allowing easy clip the pedals. Also much depends also on your sensitivity to cold and the climate of the place where you lives, with very harsh climates, frankly, I do not see major alternative to a good winter shoe. Remember also that while they have also isolated the foot perfectly, it remains above the regular covers. For road bike there may be a certain propensity to use a simple covers, in mtb, however, the problems do not sussists. Indeed, although the covers devoted for mtb, the need to adapt to the specific use, as allowed to walk long stretches in low grip, makes them much less effective than road, so that preferred unambiguously and secure the shoes about the winter. Unfortunately, as you noticed the price difference is substantial and the choice must be subjective and weighted. On the road, without economic problems, it is preferable a good winter shoes, alternatively you can fall back on an excellent covers. In mtb, however, is without doubt better a specific winter shoe and last only as a fallback adopt specific covers.