Dear Editor,

I am a cyclist with an unusual problems while using the clothing of technical quality, I doubt the wrong type of washing, no doubt reinforced by the fact that especially the pad have a lasting truly ridiculous. Always follow the directions to wash imprinted on garments, but this seems not enough. I would, if possible, to know how you behave to wash the animals tested.

Dear reader, for the washing of the clothing and back care, it's best to personally take care of cleaning and washing, leaving it to their mothers or wives other tasks far more serious and burdensome. The strongly advise to wash the clothes washing machine, even though almost all manufacturers do not preclude this possibility. The best thing for me and always taken with utmost satisfaction and success is to wash your hands and head in cold water, with a neutral detergent suitable for delicate. The classic "soaking" should not be too long (in some cases even discouraged by the House) and the subsequent rinsing is carried out gently without brush over his clothing. Special attention deserves the pad that should not be bent, rubbed so excessive or worse wrung. When finished the clothing are made in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. For some pad, in those tissues Alcantara or similar is required, once dried, sprinkle the area with a special cream that allow the same back to stay soft and comfortable. With such care, if the clothing are of good quality, will remain new for long time.