Q&A Biomechanic and Training

Hi, I own a racing bike 928 white T-cube sloping measure c\f 47 and horizontal c\c 50. I'm 1.57 tall and 71.5-shape and the problem is that I'm 3 cm deficit saddle-handlebar and most important thing is that I'm not comfortable I feel there is too long and I have difficulty in taking on the levers not to mention the low, the stem is 90.

Hello, now I have a Gios with measures 58 vert. x 57 horiz.; measured center/center for me is perfect. With planned purchase of another bike and having fallen in love with me Cannondale Caad10 arose a doubt and that is why I ask you kindly to advise me. The Cannondale Caad10 have 56 vert. X 57.5 hor.