The practice of cycling can certainly lead to a worsening of the situation or contribute to the onset of suffering carpal tunnel due to an incorrect position on the bike, or want at all costs to reproduce the stereotypes of the Pro.

In MTB attention should be paid to the size and shape of the flat bar that should provide support and comprehensive nature of the palm. Important is the height of the handlebar, must be positioned so as not to bring the wrist to an excessive bending. Equally important is the knob, which must be soft and absorb as much as possible the vibrations. Even gloves are important, must be well padded with palm, preferably with gel inserts. In road bikes are still major problems, the extended position and the weight of the body that are a burden on the wrists require more attention, action and some sacrifice. It should reduce the weight of the body that weighs on her wrists, then you have to lift and push the handlebars to the saddle, so you need to ensure the adoption of a well-padded handlebar tape, preferably a gel, or a double ring of handlebar tape. For the handlebar is preferred anatomical compact, so you always have less pressure on the wrists. Always imported gloves, choose from among those most padded, always preferring those with gel padded palms. Overall, the cycling can be an aggravating circumstance, never the root cause of inflammation of the carpal tunnel, but it is true, that in situations latent, not a suitable position on the bike and the choice of unsuitable materials leads to an emerging inflammation. In such cases the advice above invariably leads to an elimination of the problem, which leads back to occur, but through no fault of the bike.