The 12th edition of the Tropicale Amissa Bongo will offer from 27 February to 5 March a balanced race in which all categories of riders will have a great card to play, the sprinteurs but also the climbers-puncheurs who will find this year more steep roads in the South of the country than in the last edition which was concentrated in the North in the Woleu-Ntem, the third most visited province since 2006 after those of the Estuary (Libreville) and the Moyen-Ogooué (Lambaréné).

It is therefore in the name of the principle of alternation that has guided the organizers for twelve years that the Tropicale will this time install its operations of the Grand Départ in Haut-Ogooué from where will start the first three stages with an unprecedented route the first day between Moanda and Akiéni. Before reaching the unmissable city of Lambaréné, the city that holds the record of visits since the creation of the event, the riders will have crossed two other provinces, the Ogooué-Lolo and the Ngounié.

It will then remain to them to join the capitale Libreville with one of the stages most appreciated by the sprinters between Lambaréné and Kango. The apotheosis on the last day will return to its original theater, in front of the presidential tribune in the heart of Libreville facing the Estuary.

The 12th edition of the most famous African cycling race, the only one of the continent to be classified in category 2.1 with the UCI, will count nearly 1,000 kilometers on a route designed to offer as much show as suspense.


Stage 1 : Moanda-Akiéni (27 February)

Stage 2 : Leconi-Franceville (28 February)

Stage 3 : Mounana-Koulamoutou (1st March)

Stage 4 : Fougamou-Lambaréné (2nd March)

Stage 5 : Lambaréné-Kango (3 March)

Stage 6 : Akanda (Cap Estérias)-Libreville (4 March)

Stage 7 : Owendo-Libreville (5 March)