The backpack Evoc Roamer has a capacity 22 liters and is characterized, among other things, by the new ventilation system AirFlow Contact.



With a weight of about 1100 grams and dimensions of 28 cm x 52 cm x 16 cm, has a capacity that fully satisfy the demanding output of one or more days, without giving up anything. The backpack is made of nylon blend fabric. The rear part presents foam inserts and a network that enables a wide perforated ventilation. Besides the two straps is also present the waist closure, which has a pocket. Countless magazines that comprise the backpack. Among these, the part devoted to the water bag, which can have a maximum capacity of three liters.

We find the network attachment of the helmet, full face helmets in the presence of two additional straps allow a snug fit of the helmet to the backpack. At the end there is a zip open pocket with waterproof cover backpack. Do not miss the classice side pockets for water bottles. Internally there are the pocket tools, a specific pocket for glasses, clip for keys and then two large compartments to store everything, absolutely everything you need for an adventurous ride. With the two large parties you can fit additional clothing and food, well separated. Each compartment, then, has different mesh pockets that allow further subdivision of the objects, which remain separate and at your fingertips. Given the innumerable pockets is good proceed to a "scientific" arrangement of objects, so you do not have to open all the backpack because you do not remember where you put integrator supplements, for example.

Good ventilation of the back and the locking system that allows the backpack to adhere well to the body without causing any hindrance on bike. Optimal solution to the dual-specific helmet or helmets normal grains. Excellent capacity of the water bag.

Very durable fabric. Overall a great product, very practical and effective the use of which goes beyond the simple practice of cycling , because its characteristics are also excellent in walking and tourism in general, where you will always find out the usefulness of having everything with you that can serve the trip.