New by Evoc backpacks with integrated back protector, available in different sizes.



New backpack for urban commuting, waterproof, pocket specific and additional compartment-specific i-pad. Yet the new range of backpacks with the rear highly breathable, with inserts in thickness and mesh net to leave circulate air on the back. New particularity of many backpacks union of the shoulder straps, made by suitably shaped rings in light alloy which allows a perfect fit of the shoulder straps to the body, regardless of the height and width of the shoulders of the rider. Confirmed the collection of backpacks for women, characterized by bright colors, but especially from shoulder suitably shaped for the female form. New full back protector that covers the entire back perfectly complemented by lumbar belt with elastic Velcro closure. Special features of the elastic closure is that it is made of breathable fabric with velcro that does not ruin clothing. The back protector is integrated into a vest mesh net that ensures maximum adhesion of the protector to the body and the perfect breathability. Confirmed the range of bike bags, as well as the rest of the range of backpacks EVOC.