After the road test, we continued to use the GPS Mio, both for road and MTB. After a year of intensive use GPS has demonstrated excellent reliability.



The most difficult use in Mtb did not affect on the performance of the product, as well as vibration and mud did not undermine its reliability. In certain weather conditions we noticed a slight dampness around the screen, which however does not compromise its functionality. This phenomenon, present in the first part of the test, is then passed away during the summer and no longer presented again with the arrival of autumn. In the presence of heavy rain is possible that the GPS screen is active alone, this drawback can be overcome by upgrading your software that eliminates excessive sensitivity of the screen. The chest strap has been shown to well resist to sweat and washing. The battery charge well maintained, ensuring at least one week of training, depending on the duration of the same and of the atmospheric temperature. Overall, therefore, the GPS Mio Cyclo 505 has proven to be a valid and reliable peoduct; the drawbacks encountered within the normal "case studies" frequently used and burdensome, not affecting the functionality of the product.