The IXS Carve are made in "X-Matter TM", a material with a high ability to absorb shock, antibacterial, low memory and breathable.

The outer part is made of Kevlar. Present the silicone edge to improve the stability of the protection. The closure is in velcro and elastic. The back is made with perforated mesh inserts to improve ventilation. Have a weight of 460 grams and a price of about 69 Euro. CE/EN1621 approved.

Off road test

The guards IXS Carve are sufficiently long and extended to well protect knee and leg. The external consistency of the protection is medium/high density, lightweight and flexible enough to ensure a viable mobility of the legs. The protection of the knee and leg in case of impact is more than valid, with the protection capable to absorb even violent shocks, very good resistance to cuts. Places it above the soft protectors and under the most rigid, even for extension is in the middle between those more compact (which only protect the knee cap) to the more extensive. Ideal for those seeking protection but want a good mobility of the leg. The price of about 69 Euro is valid and competitive.

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