The protections IXS Dagger are made in the outer side by rigid Nylon; the intermediate part is made of polypropylene, that absorbs shock and distributes the kinetic energy over a large surface, and finally a layer of soft material which completely absorbs the kinetic energy of a possible shock.

The protection is medium extended, so to have a good protection of the knees and leg but a valid mobility. The back is made of breathable mesh and fabric, while the elastic bands with Velcro allow you to firmly close the protection to the leg. They are available in sizes S to XL and  are certified EN1621-1.

The test

The protection IXS Dagger have large guards, enough to be taken even in the DH, if they do not reach the proposed extension of the protection IXS Cleaver. The system of embodiment in various layers of protection, common to all the IXS protections, allows to better absorb shocks and distribute the energy on a larger area reducing the shock that actually reaches the body. The average large extension ensure good protection of the knee and leg. Continues to support the mobility granted to the knee, although it is always protections extended and thick, so made specifically to address challenging descents traits without actually pedaled. The Cleaver lesser extent than the model allows for greater agility and mobility of the legs, which will please those who prefer not to have limits imposed by the use of more extensive protection. Overall it is a specific product for DH, but oriented to those who resent extensive protections and impose limits, sometimes psychological, mobility of the legs. The price of 75 Euro is very good.

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