The protections IXS Slope - Series Evo are made of a mix of fabrics and plastic to absorb shocks. The base in contact with the body is made of fabric and elastic mesh net, while the front is made of Polypropylene, Kevlar and soft material.

The outer, more rigid, constitutes a protection against foreign bludgeoning and transfers the force to the intermediate layer, which distributes the force of impact over a wider area, while the last layer absorbs the energy of the shock. They are available in sizes S to XL and  are certified to EN1621-1.

The test

The protections IXS Slope-Series Evo are very compact and worn with ease and not being very strict not give particular annoyance. The fabric in contact with the body is soft and comfortable. The consistency of the protection is semi-rigid and protects especially the knee, with a slight extension to the sides and in the upper and lower part. It is therefore minimal protection for size, while the consistency of the protection offers a good protection even against stones and not only shrubs. They weigh little and little clutter, so you can easily put them into a rucksack. Moreover, their size, allows to wear them even on stretches pedaled, without particular contraindications, demonstrating, in such situations, the validity of a smaller size and a more flexible consistency of protection. By opting out, obviously, to a better protection of the body are unable to obtain the protections that allow a more efficient pedaling and natural. Obviously the use of such guards is not recommended on very difficult track or dangerous roads, but you can widely used them in route of medium difficulty, where the descents alternate with stretches for cycling and that such protections show all its worth. The price of 70 Euro is appropriate to the quality of the product.

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