The winter jacket Santini Brigand is made of fabric Windstopper X-Free300, with internal thermo plush fabric, high collar, zip protected to avoid contact with the chin, elastic cuffs to prevent air infiltration.



The back of the jacket is made according to the concept Active Air Intake, which allows, by means of special elastic seams and holes, to improve the leakage of steam body while leaving intact the ability of the jacket to keep the body warm. Three rear pockets and different material inserts for high visibility. Available in three different colour combinations at a cost of about 209 Euro.

Road test

The Santini Brigand jacket is very well made, with finishes very accurate, always particular the back of the jacket, with the ventilation system Active Air Intake. The inside of the jacket is very comfortable, the neck is very soft.

The jacket has a slim fit, excellent thanks to the elastic fabric. The ride quality is very high, due to the thermal comfort. Perfect for the coldest temperatures, around ten degrees Celsius with only the jacket and below zero degrees Celsius with a long-sleeved shirt and a thermal underwear. Also excellent water resistance to the wind, that is appreciated evidently on long descents. Still valid the breathability of the fabric and the Active Air Intake system that helps the sweat to faster evaporate. A great product, the price also proportionate in virtue of a build quality and attention to detail, superior to even much expensive competitors.

Our vote for the product in test: 9.5 / 10