After road testing we have continued to use the helmet Rudy Project Sterling Yellow Fluo.

The helmet has been used for two years about both on the road and Mtb. The helmet was treated by washing with mild soap, often with cold water only. After two years the helmet has the classic signs of frequent use and taxing. Fluorescent paint faded, losing part of its brilliance and ability to enhance the passive visibility. On the other hand the outer shell has absolutely no damage and has proven to be very resistant to bumps and scrapes. The interior padding features the classic surface use, still in good condition, but it detects the use to which it was subjected. The foam inside is perfect and has no visible signs of wear or decay. The straps are in perfect condition, as well as the control system, which is always detected reliably and is fully functional. Overall the helmet over the two years is still in excellent condition, can still play its role at least for another year. Then more than wear the helmet itself has an ageing of the materials with which it is made, the shell and the polystyrene, that over time, even if in very good condition, lose their mechanical properties, advising to replace the helmet even if in very good condition. Overall Rudy Project Sterling Yellow Fluo helmet has proven to be reliable and of high quality, durable; a great product.

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