A single, highly effective program to monitor and for better training, virtually without flaws, deserves the small investment required

The Company

Polar born in Finland in 1977 on the initiative of Prof. Seppo Saynajakangas, soon becoming a world leader among producers pulse. Polar is now present in over 80 countries and has a staff of research and development of respectable: 70 researchers at headquarters in Finland, among many others who work steadily from South Africa, Holland and Germany. The company philosophy is based on the highest quality, research and development of the best tools that can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve their performance, their methods of training and their physical well-being.

The range Polar

Polar, over time, developed a complete range of pulse, so as to cover all the sports, and not only: Polar, in fact, has dedicated products both simply that amateur to the professional. The range cycling is dedicated to cyclists, including triathlete. It starts with the CS 100, HR equipped with speed sensor to arrive at the new CS Power 600, equipped, as well as sensors for speed and cadence, including sensor power, creating a global monitoring of training; passing for models like the RS 800 CX bike, equipped with sensor gps and suitable to biker and triathlete, with shoe sensor, another interesting product is S725x, too much a product developed and designed for triathlete, or fans who are dedicated to different disciplines, including bike. The difference between the various models, besides the opportunity to be supplemented with sensor power, is in the information that can be displayed by the HR and in its ability to store data. So, you can go from the heart frequency for a single workout or 7 different training, you can save 50 intervals or 99, and so forth. Another distinction, then, is in the ability of calculating maximum heart rate through a test Polar, and the chance to review the state of recovery from the workout, with a special test Polar.


The HR CS 600 Power

The CS 600 Power is the top range Polar for professional cyclists take in any set of features that make it a tool in monitoring their performance and physical conditions also for its achievement is also a unique product and a simple example, although in reality a very complex and sophisticated. In the sales are the ciclocomputer, the chest band that captures the heart beats, the transmitter, support handlebars, the speed sensor, the magnet to be fixed to a radius of front wheel and a number of bands and rubber pads that are used to fix the support handlebars, the sensor power, the magnet for every sensor, the sensor speed of the chain, support for the batteries, a number of swabs rubber to safeguard the integrity of the frame and also a small manual emergency use, a detailed manual for installing the sensor power and precious CD with instructions pdf format and the program Polar ProTrainer 5, a complete software for data analysis of training. The HR is equipped with an infrared port that lets you talk with your computer and download the training to be analyzed by the program ProTrainer 5. If your computer is not equipped with an infrared port, there is a USB key that allows the passage of ciclocomputer data from the computer. It can store 99 times per-file fraction of training, with the option to set intermediate time machines based on time or distance. The heart rate can be displayed in % of maximum heart rate, and you can set different limits of heart rate in % of the maximum. The transmitter is encoded with the battery replaceable directly by the customer, and the band is in chest tissue. Moreover, it is equipped with altimeter and thermometer with the ability to calculate and see the height difference (displayed in degrees and altitude %), which is addressed during the exercise and the chance to see the path altitude on a PC. It can also schedule a training session with Iterval Trainer. The HR is also able to estimate the energy in calories during training and the calories consumed at km, provides an index of fitness (OwnIndex