The new design improves visibility, perfect and complete functions available

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New Polar CS 500 introduces a new form of the cycle computer that differs from what has been seen in Polar CS range. With the new conformation has tried to create a larger display, which allow you to view more information and larger numbers. Then the new "rocker-switch" allows you to change display more easily, without removing his hands from the handlebars. In practice we tried to reach out to those users who wanted to note CS display larger numbers more visible and more immediate change in the display. New lens flat screen, which minimizes the disturbance caused by reflected sunlight, new support handlebars Dual Lock Bike Mount, which ensures maximum stability and ease of assembly. Another new feature is that the CS 500 is the first product Polar Mac Compatible. Two versions available, in the only color you see in the picture, one that includes CS speed sensor WIND and support handlebars Dual Lock Bike Mount, while another includes the CS cadence sensor WIND. Both versions are equipped with belt transmission WearLink + WIND and instruction manual. Among the accessories available separately: Polar DataLink, CS cadence sensor WIND and power sensor Power Output Sensor.

These functions in detail:

Altimeter and barometer functions

- Altitude with graphical monitoring - available on

The altitude calculation is done using a sensor at atmospheric pressure. Altitude is displayed in meters / feet uphill and downhill slope and rise / fall in percentage and degrees.

- Altitude, ascent and descent - m degrees and percentage

- Temperature

Cardiovascular functions

- training load - available on

- Heart rate - bpm /% / graphic monitoring

- Automatic Heart Rate based target zones - bpm /%

- maximum and average heart rate of each fraction

- Heart rate average, minimum and maximum workout

- HRmax (based on heart rate) - Maximum number of heartbeats per minute (bpm) during maximum physical exertion.

- OwnCal