Gloves Pearl Izumi Thermal Conductive have the particularity of the index that allows you to use the touch screen without removing the gloves.



This feature has been realized through an insert that allows the transmission of energy. The glove is then realized in fabric P.R.O. Thermal, able to thermally insulate the hand, with non-slip inserts silicone and synthetic leather in the points most subject to wear. In addition to material inserts, there is the high-visibility fluorescent green version, which further increases the passive visibility and alongside the black version.


Road test


Pearl Izumi gloves are well made, with an interior soft and comfortable, you will wear them with ease and protect well from the cold, at least up to temperatures near zero degrees. Excellent functionality of the index that allows you to use the touch screen of the phone or GPS without removing the gloves. The palm of the hand allows a secure grip on the handlebar and is effective enough with the padded palm for long distances. Good efficacy of the coloring Fluo to improve passive visibility. A good product that allows you to easily use the touch screen without sacrificing a warm and comfortable gloves for the winter.