The bib Cimego is the perfect complement for the jacket Bolbeno, that we have already described.


With the jacket Bolbeno, bib Cimego shares many technical features, from the anatomical shape for women, to continue with the coordinated look, the characteristics of the fabrics used, receiving treatment called Mantovent, which ensures perfect tightness and the water repellent treatment Manto WRT, which allows the fabric to be waterproof, avoiding to absorb water and moisture. Additional treatments allow the outer surface of the bib to be hydrophobic, oil and mud resistant. The straps have a full feminine line, while the bottom of the bib has a zip and elastic silicone. The pad is specifically for women. The fabric also protects from UV rays. The bib is available in sizes XS-XXL and is recommended for temperatures from -3.0/0°C 27.0/32.0°f.


Road test


The bib Nalini Cimego is yet another demonstration of how a bib designed specifically for women does not have comparison with other models for men. Unfortunately, we still see too many women buy and wear men's clothing. The difference is there and it is remarkable! The bib Cimego is very well made, with attention to every detail and always with the highest quality materials.

The pad is very good for medium and medium-long distances; not cluttered, with a good ride comfort. Excellent thermal comfort of fabric with the heat of the body that is not dispersed; also perfect resistance to the wind, so that downhill leg muscles do not cool so obvious. Good breathability. On the whole, however, reveals the high ride comfort and thermal comfort, making this bib perfect for the colder weather. Worth noting is the high build quality, at the absolute top. A product specifically for women, one of the few really good and competitive on the market by far.


A really good product and useful for those who ride lasted all winter.


Our vote for the product test: 10/10




Nalini Cimego - Our synthetic judgment


Quality: 10

Comfort: 10

Protection from wind: 10

Thermal Comfort: 10

Ventilation: 9

Fondello: 9