The jacket Bolbeno has anatomical cut specifically for women, in addition to dedicated colours (including pink), besides the classic black, red and white. As usual for Nalini, the look has great attention in every detail, as it can be inside and outside of the jacket or graphic patterns.


Three rear pockets; the neck is upholstered in thermal fabric, wrists are made of elastic material to ensure the perfect air tightness, as well as the bottom of the jacket is equipped with high elastic 4.5 cm. The jacket is made in two different types of fabric treatment called Mantovent, which ensures perfect resistance to air. Furthermore, the fabric receives a further water-repellent treatment (Mantle WRT), which allows the jacket to be waterproof, avoiding to absorb water and moisture. This treatment makes the exterior of the jacket takes a pearling effect that characterizes the aesthetics. Furthermore, the treatment Mantle WRT allows the fabric to dry quickly after washing and be very resistant to agents such as sludge or oil; also protects from UV rays. The jacket is available in sizes XS-XXL and is recommended for temperatures from 0 / 6.0 + 32.0 ° C / 43.0 ° F.


Road test


The jacket Nalini Bolbeno is the perfect illustration of the need for women to use a product designed and built for them, not just the choice of colours or the look, but because of the anatomical shape, which allows the jacket a perfect fit and grip the female body without blemishes or unwanted creases of the fabric. The design features of the jacket is evident in every detail, and in this aspect is at the absolute top of clothing for women. Easy to maneuver the zip or back pockets.

The inner fabric is soft, warm and above all the thermal comfort of the jacket is its best feature, along with protection from the wind. The cold and icy winds of winter are on the outside and you can appreciate a good thermal comfort at temperatures well below 10 degrees centigrade. Good breathability of the fabric, but its best feature is the ability to keep the body warm and dry, very important when you ride a bike with very low temperatures. A perfect jacket for a very rigid winter.


Our vote for the product test: 10/10



Nalini Bolbeno - Our synthetic judgment


Quality: 10

Comfort: 10

Protection from wind: 10

Thermal Comfort: 10

Ventilation: 9