The bib Nalini Caldes joins the jersey Teverone, which we have already described, and with which shares the seamless realization and three different yarn: polyester, polypropylene, elastane.


All the bib is made with four-needle stitching. The pad is sewn on the outside. Available sizes are: S/M L/XL. It is recommended for temperatures from + 6.0 / + 12.0 ° C 43.0 / 54.0 ° F. Also in this case the outer fabric has hydrophobic treatment to avoid it to become wet with the air humidity or wet immediately with the first drops of rain.


Road test


The Caldes Nalini bib is perfect to be combined with the mesh Teverone, sharing looks and technical features of the fabric and the achievement system.


Always excellent construction and attention to the smallest details. The pad has the distinction of being on the outside, little cluttered and has a good long-distance comfort; a good product for medium and medium-long distances. Thermal comfort provided by the particular tissue is more than excellent and in proportion better than that offered by Teverone jersey, so that you can drop below 10 degrees Celsius in absolute comfort. Very high capacity to transfer out the sweat, the skin remains dry and warm. Good resistance to the wind, even if it is a type of tissue that has more characteristics of breathability that of air resistance. A bib perfect for winter, warm and breathable, with a good pad and build quality above average. Together with jersey Teverone, a thermal underwear and a jacket is an excellent solution for riding during winter in comfort. The high breathability of the fabric and its technical features make it a good product at less rigid temperatures, improving the usability, starting from the first cold to spring.


Our vote for the product test: 9/10




Nalini Caldes - Our synthetic judgment


Quality: 10

Comfort: 10

Protection from wind: 9

Thermal Comfort: 9

Ventilation: 10

Fondello: 9