The jersey Nalini Teverone joins the bib Caldes, that soon we will analyze.


The mesh is made of seamless with three different yarns: polyester, polypropylene, elastane. The seams are at four needle on the sleeves and has a 3D structure on hips, back and arms. The openings on the middle of the back and under the arms, improve ventilation. The front zip is long, three rear pockets. Available sizes are: S/M L/XL. It is recommended for temperatures from + 12 / + 18 ° C 54.00 / 64.00 ° F.


Road test


The jersey Nalini Teverone is very technical, with a fabric (it should be noted) that has nothing to envy to those who think they realize mesh to enhance the performance of the rider ... The concept at the end is the same: make sure to keep cool (or warm in the winter) and dry the body, at a temperature as constant as possible. To achieve this purpose, the yarns used and their plot allow sweat to evaporate quickly, transferring out moisture and maintaining the body at a constant temperature, since the evaporation of sweat occurs outside of the fabric and not inh contact with the skin.


In addition, the 3D structure not only exerts a muscle compression that facilitates and improves the blood circulation, but creates a cushion of air which insulates the body from cold. The fabric is then treated on the outside in order to make it hydrophobic and therefore does not get wet with moisture in air, making the mesh always warm and dry. These features allow to this mesh wide possibilities of use, as single jersey, as a base layer under a jacket; in any case its performance remain unchanged. Analyzed its technical characteristics, we point out the perfect design and great attention to finishes and detail, as well as the look that has always distinguished the products by Nalini. The fit is perfect, snug but does not tighten to annoying, with the warm and soft tissue in contact with the body. Great space of the pockets.

On the road we very much appreciate the excellent breathability of the fabric and its ability to transfer out the sweat. The skin remains dry (except in very exceptional cases), the body warm, at least up to temperatures close to 10 degrees Celsius, more than you can get off with utmost satisfaction by combining a good jacket. Discrete resistance to the wind, in the sense that it is not the ideal mesh for days with chill wind, but it is perfect for light winds in autumn and spring; a very good jacket for fall and spring and all mid conditions, which ensures perfect thermal comfort and high breathability.

It's truly effective, masterfully done and with really excellent performance and superior to other competitors that with similar fabrics realize more expensive products compared to more approximate results.


Our vote for the product test: 10/10





Nalini Teverone - Our synthetic judgment


Quality: 10

Comfort: 10

Protection from wind: 9

Thermal Comfort: 9

Ventilation: 10