The long-sleeved shirt Nalini Malosco is made of two different threads that allow the mesh to be flexible, to adhere to the body,



to have a soft inside, with a high power to keep the body warm, an abrasion resistant outer and with hydrophobic treatment, which allows the water resistance of the outer surface. Three rear pockets plus one with zip. The front zip is long, the elastic in the back of the vest is equipped with silicone to ensure perfect insulation from the wind.

The cuffs are made of elastic mesh, so as to prevent air infiltration along the arms. Available sizes range from S to XXXL, is recommended for temperatures + 6.0 / + 12.0 ° C 43.0 / 54.0 ° F.


Road test


The jersey Nalini Malosco is very accurate in its implementation. The graphics option makes the mesh totally unique, can like it or not, it is certainly personal. The quality of the fabrics used is very high, as well as attention to the realization of the mesh material itself and to the smallest detail, from the stitching to finish. From this point of view is a product of excellence, a true example of high quality Made in Italy. The technical characteristics of the fabrics used, along with the particular anatomical shape, leading to a perfect fit of the clothing to the body. Excellent functionality and accessibility to zip back pockets.

The inner fabric is soft and warm, without a doubt capable of keeping the body warm when the temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. Excellent breathability, a common feature of almost all products by Nalini. The hydrophobic treatment prevents fabric from getting wet with moisture or the first drops of rain, keeping you dry. Obviously it is not 100% waterproof.

Valid protection from the wind. A perfect jersey for mild winter, autumn or as a base layer under a jacket when the temperatures are very low.


Our rating to the product being tested: 9.5 / 10



Nalini Malosco - Our synthetic judgment


Quality: 10

Comfort: 10

Protection from wind: 9

Thermal Comfort: 9

Ventilation: 9