Nalini Grumes is a windproof jacket recommended for mild temperatures, + 18 / + 24 ° C.



It's made using fabrics ESAGONTEX and LUMINTEX outside, MantoTex inside; has a claimed weight of 160GR and it's available in sizes from S to XXXL.


The front zipper is easy to use even with gloves and useful opening rear access to the pockets. Always in the back, has a refracting application, excellent for passive visibility; furthermore, the fabric Lumintex presents a process that ensures high visibility, ensuring a refracting optical effect.


The jacket is perfect in its construction, like all products by Nalini; has an anatomic cut, but does not force the body, ensuring a high comfort even during long hours in the saddle.


Furthermore, the look by Nalini 70 is unique in it's old fashion style.


On windy days or downward helps the body maintain an optimal temperature, so as not to feel the wind noise and the relative lowering of the body temperature.


The practice of opening the rear provides easy access to the underlying mesh pockets, even while you are on the bike.


Soft and comfortable the interior part, thanks to MantoTex fabric, it helps to keep the body warm; we are not in the presence of a simple windproof jacket, but Grumes is a product that can safely be used as a jacket when the weather is mild, as early fall, when you need to protect yourself without overdoing it in the cover, it's a product Full Season by Nalini and could not be otherwise, as pointed out also by a practical label inside the jacket.



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