The top of the range Marcello Bergamo keeps all its promises, comfortable, breathable, well finished, has a simple fashion graphic

The Company


The knitwear Marcello Bergamo was born thanks to the passion of a great cyclist, Marcello Bergamo. Born in Ponte di Piave in 1946 has had a long and successful career disputed 9 Giri d'Italia

and one Tour de France. Eleven professional victories, many important places, including twice second in the Italian Championship. Hanging the bike to nail Marcello, with the invaluable help of his wife Fiorenza opens Maglieria MB, right now specializing in the creation of complete apparel for cycling. The years go by, and Maglieria MB is always in step with technological innovations in the sector which today allows him to have a complete range of clothing made entirely in their establishments and completely customizable. From this year also is active with the sponsorship Servetto Fuji Team, which uses the complete Marcello Bergamo.

The range

The whole range of clothing Marcello Bergamo is widely customizable and designed not only to the bike, but also leisure. The 2009 collection has several different heads for graphics and materials used, both for men than for women, with graphics and bottoms dedicated to them. Always present also the various accessories, with gloves, technical underwear, etc.. The complete Platinum is at the top of the range, and soon after there is the Carbon model. The quality of materials and finishes, including various models of the range, do not change, but varies the cut, the graphics, the bottoms, the number and placement of pockets.

The complete on test: Platinum

The complete Platinum is the flagship of the range Marcello Bergamo and does nothing to hide. In fact the entire collection "MB" has a very high quality uniform, but in this case it is more focused on certain aspects. First the company proposed a jersey with short sleeves, sleeveless, bib shorts, shorts and sleeveless skinsuit. Then we have the two-needle stitching in contrast different and two ranges of colours: white black red, white, royal gray. The mesh has the particularity of the silicon on the edge of the sleeves, as well as in life. The two back pockets have a zip, while the front zip is long and kind of invisible. Another is reflective inserts on the rear zip. The fabric with which it is made golf polyester. The bib shorts retains the character of the network back in pierced widespread. It is made of Lycra Power 210 gr/sqm. The elastic on the edge of the shorts has silicon. The pad is the Endurance, consisting multidirection elastic microfiber fabric, highly breathing. A pad designed for maximum comfort over long distances. These weights detected with our instrumentation:
Jersey: 177 g
Bib shorts: 206 g

The particulars

The test

As for all model Marcello Bergamo, the model does not provide the side by criticism of its implementation and the quality of finish. All well cared for, from the seams, with particular reference to the points of opening and closing of the seams, as well is the adoption of silicon sleeves even on the mesh. The elastic adopted are broad and provide an ideal, but without discomfort. The area of the back and his trousers to the union is organized and precise. Always good to adopt areas reflective material to enhance visibility passive. The fabrics used are soft and comfortable, even in this case we must give preference to the one used for the shirt, good for softness and comfort, more sustained, however, the Lycra Power, a characteristic of this fabric, which promises an improvement of the circulation blood on the thighs and lower muscle fatigue. These differences also feel a level of breathability, perfect for the shirt, at the level of the best products on the market, and good for the shirt and in line with all other outputs using this fabric. Positive choice to take a back pierced, with the front, very open. It improves, so, ventilation and the possibility for the sweat to quickly leave the surface of the body. The wide network pierced on the back, then, can also remove any intimate technical networking pierced, whose adoption is recommended for those who have a plentiful perspiration. Practice the two back pockets with zip. The jersey is easy wear and silicon waist and sleeves in addition to the smooth elastic make that remains steady in its place, the same thing in shorts dungarees. Easy to open the zip and pockets of high accessibility in the same pockets. The back features the space but mainly supported for maximum comfort even after many hours in the saddle. Enjoy your ability to absorb the sweat and perspiration.


Marcello Bergamo shows, with this complete, not to be in awe of the best national and international. The complete Platinum is fully realized and difficult to criticize, certainly not in the finish or the quality of the materials with which it is made. Its functionality is excellent, both for the quality of the back, comfortable and compact, which for the transpiration tissue, especially the mesh. Most critics note the lack of a pocket open, but there seems to be a particular problems, and because within the catalogue Marcello Bergamo there are other products with open pockets and the same construction quality and because it can leave the zip open constantly. In conclusion a very good head entirely Made in Italy and proposed with a favourable value for money.

The price

The company din not told us the prices of complete, stating that it is, however, great prices. In addition to buying the products at the factory outlet located in via Nitti 1 / A Castano Primo (MI), these can be sent directly to the customer's home (on site there are references to the sizes of each). Moreover, given the quantity of order requested by the customer are carried out targeted preventive.

Is suitable for

Athlete: an excellent back and breathable mesh make it a good head for the agonist.
GF cyclists-tourists: the look simple and elegant, finishing, practicality and excellent base make it an eminently suitable to his head.
Women: unfortunately this is not a complete back specifically for women.

Positive aspects

Quality fabrics and trims
Produced in Italy

Negative aspects

Missing, for this model, a specific case back for women

For further informations:

Via Nitti, 1-A 20022 Castano Primo (MI) - Italy
tel. +39.0331.881181
fax +39.0331.878504