A helmet with very high quality and care

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The helmet Kask Vertigo is the same one used by athletes of the team Sky and made in-molding technique, which allows considerable savings in weight even in the face of equally strong compared to traditional techniques coostruzione. Recall that with the technique-molding the outside and the inside of the helmet are made simultaneously, while the traditional technique with the two parts are made separately and then joined together. The helmet has 24 air vents that are supported by a reinforced frame so as to maintain unchanged the rigidity of the shell. The interiors are removable and washable, but you can equip the helmet network anti insects, winter cap and visor for use in mountain biking. Series helmet bag. A series of gel inserts further enhance comfort and allow better air flow between the skin and helmet. The control system of the helmet through technology Up 'n'Down allows optimum comfort of fit well around the base of the neck through a central wheel and two side flaps. The eco-leather chin strap is easy to clean, while the retention system is thermo nylon micrometric quick-release buckle. A series of high visibility stickers ensure maximum safety even in low light conditions. It's available in Sky Team, Silver, Lime and Red. The Company declares a weight of 270 grams, while we detected 280 in size M.

The road test

The Vertigo does nothing to hide to be the top range of Kask, excellent finishes, gloss paint, interior very well kept and very thick. Very nice and convenient adjustment system, great care to avoid the hard parts can come into contact with skin. Precisely for this are several gel inserts in the neck. The thickness of the lining, then, favors the passage of air. Very practical solution coating strap synthetic leather, soft remains in contact with skin and never gives trouble, even with the sweat. Also welcomes the adoption of reflective strips. Too bad the insect guard net is standard, as the visor for use in Mtb. The control system of the helmet is very effective and easy to use even in the saddle. It is thus able to adhere well to the helmet to the head, making him stay up firmly, even at speed or on bumpy. Practical sealing and really comfortable inside the helmet. This is like getting the very moving, when, after many hours in the saddle, you have no discomfort. The good shape of the cap, then wrap well head ensuring a high sense of security and protection. Weight did not bother much content and the price, as usual, to get a good size head protected from the helmet interior and very soft and comfortable. The helmet has good ventilation and only partly conditioned by the same helmet size, that reward the safety and protection of the head than other factors. Finally a helmet for better quality construction, comfort and safety, suitable for use on the road by mountain bike. The only flaw the high weight and ventilation, despite the many holes, inveriore other competitors, but still good enough doors on the hottest days. The price is 179 Euro for the basic version and 192 Euro for the Team Replica version. The price is high, but proportionate to the high construction quality of the helmet, entirely made in Italy. Little justification, however, the difference in price between the base and Team Replica version, since it is the same product.

Positive aspects

Realization Made in Italy
Build quality
Effectiveness of the control system
Interior high quality

Negative aspects

Heavier than other competitors

To learn more:

Website: www.kask.it