Garmin has renew its range of GPS eTrex 10, 20 and 30.

A range of portable GPS with a new user interface, very simple and intuitive, new optimized shapes and sizes, range of up to 25 hours and is compatible with all Garmin maps on microSD Topographic and road. The whole family eTrex addition to receiving the signal from the GPS satellite network, is designed to simultaneously connect to the Russian navigation satellite system Glonass, and is already able to receive satellite signals of the Galileo system, the network they are working on Europe. This allows the eTrex models 10, 20 and 30 to receive the satellite signal in less time and place you in more detail in a precarious situation as a canyon or at the foot of the vertical walls of the mountain. The Garmin eTrex 10 model has monochrome display that provides clear and simple instructions on the position and direction to follow to reach the goal. Wide range of vector mapping for models eTrex 20 and eTrex 30, which, thanks to the display from 2.2 "65k colour LCD sunlight viewable, allow you to appreciate the contents of topographic maps for Garmin and the famous road maps CityNavigator which through eTrex 20 and eTrex 30 are able to develop turn-by-turn routes (guided navigation). The free software BaseCamp available on the official website allows you to plan excursions to the computer and transfer them quickly and easily to the eTrex series instruments. The eTrex 30 model adds classic accessories that adorn the top of the range products: 3-axis electronic compass for precise alignment even in the absence of movement, barometric altimeter for a given altitude and atmospheric pressure trends, wireless transmission of data between your Garmin GPS.

These are the prices:

eTrex 10 Euro 119.00

eTrex 20 Euro 199.00

eTrex 30 Euro 249.00

Handlebar Bracket: Euro 10.00

Heart Rate Monitor (eTrex30 model only): Euro 60.00