From December 2014 will be complemented by new dynamics for cycling, currently viewable only on the most innovative GPS bike computer Garmin Edge 1000, which will add new parameters specific to the analysis of its output.



Thanks to PowerPhase, the cyclist can see in which phases the power is generated in its pedaling, displaying the full angle in which the positive torque is produced and showing the area in which is expressed the most energy. Moreover, you will learn about the "platform of downtown off-set" (PCO) or the distribution of power on the spindle of the pedal, as it allows to adjust the position of the cleats of the shoe, so as to have a more uniform pressure on the pedal. Finally, you will be able to know the percentage of the load of the two positions in a bike: using the vertical component of the force, it is possible to determine during training or competition, when and how many times the cyclist is standing on the pedals or in a sitting position. The new features are available only for the VECTOR system complete the two pedals and two Pod and currently only compatible with the Edge 1000.