The new GPS Cycle Computer Garmin Edge 1000 is able to identify significant features of a



track and launch challenges against other cyclists who have already traveled that road or will pass later. Edge 1000 notifies the user of the beginning and end of the section "timed" to feed a ranking virtual Garmin Connect. Like the previous Edge 810, in fact, the new Garmin offers the ability to share on social networks (and in real time) your workout or race thanks to the Live Tracking. Edge 1000 can be paired with your smartphone (iPhone 4s and later) as well as to receive and view e-mail notifications and sms. Edge 1000 is equipped with map preloaded Garmin Cycle Map Europe that includes content OSM (Open Street Map) with easily navigable roads, bike trails, data, points of interest (including parks and trails) and address search information, breakthrough curve after curve, just like a car navigator. On 1000 Edge then you will find specific preloaded maps for both road cycling and mountain biking. With the Round Trip Routing the rider can simply enter how many miles wants to go and Edge 1000 will provide three different plotting capability to choose from, specifying location and elevation profiles, not to have to bear climbs too challenging for the preparation. The tracks will be studied each other, in order to identify the most suitable to the needs. Edge 1000 is equipped with a color touch screen (can be used even when wearing gloves) high-resolution 3-inch. The pages are customizable with numerous data fields, so you can monitor your progress, whether you are on a dirt road, and on the road or along a cycle path. In addition, the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness based on external lighting conditions. Edge 1000 has a range of up to 15 hours and impermeability IPX7 also integrates with Shimano Di2 electronic gear systems to see what kind of cranck and pinion you are using. It's also compatible - via ANT + technology - with heart rate monitor and power meter Vector, and the new speed sensor and cadence of Garmin. These are easy to install and calibrate on your bike, adjust the speed and distance even when the GPS idle (like when we are in the gallery), as well as provide data on the rate per minute, allowing a detailed analysis of your workouts, making them increasingly effective and optimal. Without magnets, because they have an internal accelerometer, or other exposed parts, the new speed and cadence sensors can be easily moved from one bike to another. The Remote Control (optional) allows you to ride safely without ever removing your hands from the handlebars.

Garmin Edge 1000 is available in the best stores at a retail price starting at 499.00 Euro.