The Kit Crono Cx Elite is a direct evolution of the previous model, significantly updated.



The bottle cage remains in monocoque carbon fiber, suitably shaped to fit the specific bottle CX. Compared to the previous model the bottle cage is smaller, particularly in width. The bottle Crono Cx is all new, with an outer surface similar to golf balls, which have a perfect aerodynamic penetration. Also changed the cap, now with membrane that prevents accidental discharge of the liquid, but a good flow when you drink. New inspection window, which allows you to see how much liquid is in the bottle. Still new the material with which the bottle is made, softer and more flexible. It does not deteriorate the coupling system to bottle cage, so that water bottle and bottle cage are perfectly united and aerodynamic.


Road test

The new Elite Kit Crono Cx is mounted with ease, its proper installation is on the down tube, and often there are those who mount it on the seat tube. Although intended for time trial bike its use is universal and without a doubt is the ideal bottle cage for aero bike and in any case all the bikes (and cyclists) who look after the aerodynamics. Compared to the previous model, the aerodynamics of the surface of the bottle is improved (according to studies of Elite), but what you feel is the most easy to use. While in the past it was not very easy to remove the bottle from the bottle cage, it is now much easier, thanks to the new material it is made of the same bottle, in fact, the bottle is soft and flexible, with a slight handshake can be quickly removed from its seat. The absence of the cap facilitates and speeds the intake of the liquid, while very effective is the membrane that replaces the cap and prevents accidental exit of the liquid. The subsequent reintroduction of the bottle in its base is just as fast and far more easily than in the past. Over time the Kit Crono CX has been adopted by the best Pro Tour Team and athletes, for Triathlon and Time Trial bike, the new model constitutes a significant upgrade both in aerodynamics (hard to judge, but the seriousness of Elite puts safe from simple Face Lifting ...), both also in functionality. A bottle cage designed for racing, but also proves effective for everyday use and not necessarily on time trial bikes.