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An effectively trainer and with a great price

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The trainer 2012 Elite Novomag Elastogel is made of steel and plastics, with compass opening that allows you to place the roller in a small space. The magnetic resistance unit is tilting the roller can be adapted to any wheel diameter (24 inches to 29 inches). The clamping mechanism Fast Fixing System, allows practical and quick coupling and uncoupling of the bike from the frame, the locking pin allows adjustment to fit the width of the attachment to any bike model.

The frame is provided only in white/red. The magnetic resistance has 5 levels of resistance selectable via a selector to apply to the handlebar. In the position of maximum strength to reach 40 km/h must be overcome a resistance of about 500 watts. The Roll Elastogel 30mm diameter allows for greater adherence to the pilot and a reduction of noise by 50%. Together with Novomag we also used the mat Training-Mat, help to reduce vibration and noise, and the Travel GEL Block, the rubber support leveling the front wheel at the same height than the rear.