As we had anticipated the bottle cage Elite Kit Crono CX has been a pleasant surprise.



Do not think of taking a bottle specifically for the Triathlon or Time Trial on a normal bike, but its technical features make it a hit, maybe not usual. It certainly is not a matter of aerodynamics, if there is an advantage, you do not notice of course, but as a matter of ergonomics, safety and practicality. The bottle is very stable inside its bottle cage, you can grab it easily and quickly puts it back on its bottle cage. The absence of the cap, replaced by the membrane that prevents the escape of liquid, is a further element of practicality. In truth with the full water bottle, crossing stretches of ruined asphalt, it can happen that a few drops of liquid bait, but nothing to worry about. On the other hand it is impossible that the bottle comes out accidentally from its position. It's very practical to use and at the end you get used to it so well that the other bottles seem prehistoric stuff. Maybe not good for a long Gran Fondo, but for amateur use is fine and is much more practical than traditional water bottles. A great product, whose long test did no more than confirm the excellent initial impressions.

Long Term Test 2014 supported by :


Deda Elementi

Deda Acciai Strada

Selle Italia



Mondo Due Ruote Spello (PG - Italy)