all new 2022 TREK SPEED CONCEPT news specs and price, all you must know about TREK SPEED CONCEPT 2022

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Trek presented the new Trek Speed ​​Concept 2022

New carbon fiber frame.

New aerodynamics

New colors

New assemblies

Let's see the details:

The previous Speed ​​Concept still remains one of the fastest bikes in the world, but the new version offers an efficiency increase of 16 watts, corresponding to a saving of six minutes on a typical Ironman course.

The IsoSpeed ​​decoupler pivot has been moved forward to compensate for the strain on the front end exerted by the triathletes.

This allows users of the new Speed ​​Concept to take full advantage of the anti-fatigue properties of the IsoSpeed, expressing maximum speed.

To adapt to the different positions of a triathlete, Speed ​​Concept offers a huge configuration window. Adjustments are simple (most can be done with two Allen keys) and removing the handlebar during transfers while maintaining the setting is a breeze.

Plus, thanks to Trek's online trim calculator, riders can transfer X / Y adjustments to the components needed to achieve the desired posture.

To perform at their best, triathletes must carry a bevy of supplies: water, salts, gels, bars, puncture kits and much more. The new Speed ​​Concept allows you to transport everything without any aerodynamic penalties.

This is possible thanks to the following innovations: BTA bottle The BTA (Between-The-Arms) bottle installed between the arms reduces turbulence and allows the rider to hydrate without leaving the aero bars.

The bottle is also easily refillable while running thanks to an integrated silicone port.

Bento Box A Bento Box integrated into the top tube allows you to store the gels you need for the entire ride. Movable dividers allow riders to customize the space. The entire Bento Box is dishwasher safe. Water bottle on the down tube This frame bottle is designed to adapt to the aerodynamics of the Speed ​​Concept.

It has a capacity of 750ml and is perfect for containing the concentrated mix to be added to the BTA bottle installed on the handlebar. Kit against punctures Speed ​​Concept has an invisible glove compartment perfect for housing an inner tube, a CO2 canister, an inflation head and a tire lever. Speed ​​Concept is also available through Project One.

This allows triathletes to customize their bike so that the configuration, paint and components are perfectly calibrated. Riders can order the new Speed ​​Concept through Trek's national dealer network.

Speed ​​Concept models available and price:

Speed ​​Concept SLR 9 eTap 13099 euro

Speed ​​Concept SLR 9 13099 euro

Speed ​​Concept SLR 7 eTap 10 099 euro

Speed ​​Concept SLR 6 eTap 8599 euro

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