Dry asphalt but slightly spoiled

When the asphalt is not in perfect condition is better more cautious and adopt a lower inflation pressure of about 12 bar to 10 bar for the tubular and clinchers. Even in this case you can proceed to take a lower pressure for the front wheel, at 11 bar for the tubular and 9 bar for clinchers. In general, a pressure of 9 bar for clincher/tubular front and 10 bar for the clincher/tubular rear pressure is a maximum security that allows us to have a good security designators of travel and also good performance.
These tips above are valid for temperatures in summer or at the spring.

Asphalt moist but slightly spoiled
In winter it is better to go down further by adopting a pressure of 9bar for the front wheel and 10 bar for the rear, regardless of whether you use tubular or clincher. Even, in certain atmospheric conditions, it is preferable to use such pressure that we offer a superior grip and safety.