One thing is always to keep under control the pressure of the tires.

The best tire pressure , in absolute terms, does not exist, but we can determine, according to our needs, the weather and the type of route a reference pressure, which can then be adapted to individual needs and preferences.

An important aspect is to know the minimum and maximum pressure of the product that you are using ; further aspect is to have a good pump workshop able to reach the higher pressure.

Must be considered is that the higher the inflation pressure the more the wheel is sliding, but also the lower the grip, so here it is necessary to always make the right choice , to have a fast bike but also secure.

In training, we can have the maximum freedom of choice , although it is always preferable to use pressures similar to those used in the race. We shall now see, in each case, the best inflation pressures.


Asphalt dry and well maintained
Under ideal conditions, dry asphalt and in good condition we can take the maximum inflation pressure as possible, that is around, usually around 12bar to 14bar for clinchers and tubulars for.

If you want to have a more cautious attitude, you can opt for a pressure of 11 (clincher) or 13bar (tubulars) for the front wheel, leaving unchanged the pressure of the rear wheel.

These tips above are valid for temperatures in summer or at the spring .

Wet asphalt and well maintained
In winter it is always good to be cautious, because the lower grip between asphalt and tire/tube, then it is preferable to drop to 10- max11bar clincher and 12 - max13bar tubular, if we want to be more cautious is always better to reduce the pressure of the front wheel of a further bar with respect to the rear wheel.

The tube can be inflated to a higher pressure because having a more rounded profile ensures a smooth and better cornering behavior. However, even those who adopt the tubular can descend safely to the values given for the clincher.

If your product is not allowed to reach these pressures, just take the recommended maximum pressure.