A final step of maintenance can be identified in the attainment of 10000 km or 5000 km road bike, alternatively after 12 months of use.

Every 10000 km Road ( 5000 km MTB )

In addition to periodic maintenance, about every 10000 km it is good to carry out a thorough review of the whole bike, with a complete disassembly of the groupset. It cleans up well for all components, particularly with regard to foreign rear and front derailleur, brakes, crankset. Then we check their operation, replace any worn parts, lubricating and reassembling everything. The cables and conduits must be replaced. The central movement and the series of steering to be controlled and if the case replaced. Replace the brake pads even if in good condition. Check the wear on the sprocket and if necessary replacement of worn parts. Check wheels, clean and lubricate the bearings.

In addition:


Inspect the forks, replace the oil disc brakes, check the wear on the brake discs. Check the integrity of the links of the suspension, clean and lubricate all the bearings in the rear suspension.