Let's explore how to program maintenance to your bike in order to keep it in perfect working order.

To do this you must have as its basis the maintenance specifications of the individual components, the experience of the mechanics of the Pro and a little common sense. The maintenance must be done on the basis of cycling, the mileage and time. Let's see how to take care of our road bike or mountain bike.

Before every ride

Check the air pressure of the tires, the battery charge cycle computer and electronic group Shimano Di2 or Campagnolo EPS. Check the correct fork and shock pressure (MTB)

After each output


If the output become apparent during some malfunction to write something on what to check regularly, so you can schedule the surgery before the next ride.

Check to see if the tires are in good condition or if you are made deep cuts; in such a case program replacing them before the next output.

Check the state of charge of the battery and if necessary put them in charge.


In addition to the above is better also carry out a thorough cleaning, then lubricate rear and front derailleur, chain and rear suspension links.